Most partitions for a single Measure Group should be based on the same view and broken out by year.
1) In order to add the first yearly partition you need to delete the default partition created when you initially created the measure group.
2) Click 'New Partition', in the Partition Wizard - 'Specify Source Information' screen select the available table and click next.
3) In the Partition Wizard - 'Specify Source Information' screen (below) select 'Specify a query to restrict rows' and then enter a 'select * from 'YourFactView' where monthYear = YYYY' type query. Click Next
4) In the Partition Wizard - 'Processing and Storage Locations' screen go witht the defaults and click next.
5) In the Partition Wizard - 'Completing the Wizard' screen assign the correct name (using a XXXXXXX_YYYY format), select  the 'Design aggreagations for the partition now' option and click next.
6) Click next on the 'Welcome to the Aggregation Design Wizard' screen.
7) Click next on the Aggregation Design Wizard - 'Specify Storage and Caching Options' screen.
8) Click the Count button in the Aggregation Design Wizard - 'Specify Object Counts' screen. Afer the count is completed click the Next button.
9) In the Aggregation Design Wizard - 'Set Aggregation Options' screen select the 'Performance gain reaches' option and leave the setting @ 30%. Click the Start button. Watch the graph grow, either Stop when the graph flattens or let the process run till it reaches 30%. This is only the initial aggregations, once the measure group has ran for a while these will be redone. Click the Next button when finished building the aggregations.

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