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Can we use this system for our exchange office and money transfer (remit)?
Yes, Office exchange can be used for exchange and money transfer.

My branch in Dubai wants to register client information in Arabic can they do this,
Yes, the client registration form accepts Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Japanese or any other languages.

 How many branches can we have in the system?
There is no limit in the capacity but the bigger the company and number of daily transaction is the bigger severs and infrastructure should be.

Can we install the system in our own server?
Yes, the system can be installed on any sever when clients buys the system from us we provide the codes to and database to the client.

How long does it take to install the system?
Usually it takes about a week to do everything. This includes server configuration,
system installation, design the receipt and etc.

How about support?

We can provide support. Pricing differs for each client because everyone has different needs. Some clients only need email support and some clients need telephone support and in location support.
If your system is hosted on our server it will be more economy for you. If you buy the system from us and host it on your own server the support will cost you $45/hour CAD
another option would be to pay a monthly fee to us and we will take care of all the supports you need  


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Merdad Aboudizadeh is the architect and creator of office exchange software

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