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ssrs get all of or set value

clock May 11, 2011 20:01 by author Admin
WHERE o.[Store Order Date] between @StartDate and @EndDate AND o.[Order Status Key] = 'F' AND EXISTS (Select 1 where @StoreID is null union all Select * from dbo.func_parseDelimitedString(@StoreID, ',') Parms where = s.[External Store Id] ) AND EXISTS (Select 1 where @ExcludeStoreID is null union all Select * from dbo.func_parseDelimitedString(@ExcludeStoreID, ',') Parms where <> s.[External Store Id] )

SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[func_parseDelimitedIntString](@paramString VARCHAR(MAX), @delimiter CHAR(1)) RETURNS @results_table TABLE (id BIGINT) AS BEGIN DECLARE @id VARCHAR(MAX) DECLARE @startPos int DECLARE @stringLength int WHILE LEN(@paramString) > 0 BEGIN SET @startPos = CHARINDEX(@delimiter, @paramString) IF @startPos < 0 SET @startPos = 0 SET @stringLength = LEN(@paramString) - @startPos - 1 IF @stringLength < 0 SET @stringLength = 0 IF @startPos > 0 BEGIN SET @id = SUBSTRING(@paramString, 1, @startPos - 1) SET @paramString= SUBSTRING(@paramString, @startPos + 1, LEN(@paramString) - @startPos) END ELSE BEGIN SET @id = @paramString SET @paramString = '' END INSERT @results_table(id) VALUES(CAST(@id AS BIGINT)) END RETURN END

Office Exchange Help & Support website

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Welcome to Office Exchange, the Money transfer and currency exchang support page,


In this website we are eploring this amazing web-application and let you know how to use this system


Office Exchange is a multi currency accounting software that was specifically designed for Foreign Currency Exchange Offices and financial companies that mainly Exchange Currencies, Cash Checks, Give loans and Transfer Money to any location in the world. It is an excellent tool for Managerial Decision Making in a Currency Exchange Office. Office Exchange is the result of years of research and interviews with foreign exchange offices in Canada and other countries. It is very easy to use, reliable and can be customized to meet your business requirement


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Merdad Aboudizadeh is the architect and creator of office exchange software

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